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NH 030 Elihu Okay - Friday Night (03/24/2023)




apple music




written and performed by elihu okay
mixed by andrew oedel
mastered by kevin butler

cover photo by carlos semedo

a little money keys by grant rossi, additional production by eli heath + dylan soulard  camel crush drums by andrew ring, bass + synth by eli heath, additional production by rob machia, additional guitars by vassilios karsaliakos, backing vocals by gabe gill  late 2 work production by rob machia  karma drums by andrew ring, bass by eli heath, backing vocals by gabe gill + dylan soulard  static edm production + vocals by grant rossi, 808s + programing by eli heath, additional drum programing by gabe allanoff, additional programing by rob machia, vocals + additional programing by dylan soulard, vocals by gabe gill  snow angels drums by andrew ring, bass + organ by eli heath  confident drums by andrew ring, additional programing by dylan soulard  teenage additional production by rob machia  my mother says she's proud of me keys + double bass + programing by eli heath, drum programing by dylan soulard + gabe gill, drums by andrew ring, cello by alice gerlach

friday night cover

camel crush cover

static cover

a little money cover

late 2 work cover